What is the LAWA ConRAC Project?

The LAWA ConRAC (Consolidated Rent-A-Car) facility will consolidate multiple rental car companies under one roof, providing numerous efficiencies to the LAX airport, including:

  • A greatly improved passenger experience, providing customers with a seamless transition from the terminal to ConRAC in less than 15 minutes;
  • Improved traffic flow around LAX and on city streets; and
  • Operational efficiencies.

The LAWA ConRAC project site is located on a 130 acre site known as Manchester Square. Manchester Square is bounded by W. Century Boulevard on the south, Aviation Boulevard on the west, W. Arbor Vitae Street on the north, and S. La Cienega Boulevard on the east. The ConRAC will include four primary components:

  • A Ready/Return Area where customers pick-up and return vehicles;
  • A Quick-Turnaround Area where vehicles are fueled, washed, and maintained;
  • A Customer Service Building where customers transact with the rental car companies; and
  • An Idle Storage Building where up to 10,000 vehicles are stored to meet peak demand.

The ConRAC will be an integral part of LAWA’s Landside Access Modernization Program, a groundbreaking $5 billion capital improvement program that also includes an automated people mover (“APM”) station connecting passengers directly to the airport (and to other modes of transportation, including Metro, via two “Intermodal Transportation Facilities”), among other program elements.

For more details on the scope of the Project, please Click here.

How is this project being delivered?

The LAWA ConRAC project is being delivered as a public-private partnership or “P3”. This type of partnership efficiently transfers various risks typically absorbed by the public sector to a private entity that is best placed to manage them. Specifically, LAWA is utilizing a design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) delivery structure. Under a DBFOM, a consortium, which consists of a team of contractors, architects, operators, and investors, is required to design the project, build the project, raise all of the required private capital to finance the project, operate the project, and maintain the project over a long term contract.

A locally-based, world class team of companies purposefully assembled to deliver and operate the ConRAC Project at LAX.